John Bonavia needs a fresh start. Do you?

John Bonavia Speaks at Universities and Is Sober and Getting his Masters Degree, But can he get a break??

It gives me great pleasure to recommend John Bonavia as an outstanding candidate for entrance to your school. I have had the pleasure of watching this wonderful, very dedicated friend develop into one of the finest individuals in my life. When I think of John, several adjectives immediately come to mind, such as highly intelligent, articulate, courteous, and persistent. These heart felt feelings are shared by many other people in this community. John is a natural leader and has demonstrated strong leadership skills throughout my tenure as his friend these past four years. John is very mature, responsible, and gets along with both peers and clients. He is easy- going and always had a positive attitude and willingness to do his best. I consider John to be the type of man who makes friendship worthwhile. He has also brought a great deal of integrity and character to our community. Whether he is making a decision to speak to troubled youth, or preparing hard for the sobriety speaking events, he always strives to be the perfect role model. He has been a great example for younger individuals as well. John Bonavia is dedicated, reliable and a positive asset to any group.

John Bonavia’s endeavors at Pepperdine University speaks to his intelligence and high personal educational standards. John is a quiet, humble, hardworking yet highly driven individual, but he also enjoys and takes great pride in leading his fellow peers and setting examples by being a captain.

John is a no-nonsense man that will make you proud to have him be a part of Pepperdine University.

Yet, with sobriety and various challenges I still cant make it happen.

John Bonavia

I was financially successful at a young age. It was easy for me to become the party boy in the nightlife scene. I managed to amass a very successful portfolio in my Wall Street
ventures. Almost overnight I became a marketing guru orchestrating ad campaigns for Sean John that were broadcast in Times Square.

Because of the long arduous process of reconfiguration of my thinking, I have
begun to see that joy can be obtained through meditation, cognitive therapy and the unconditional love of friends and family. This new way of understanding has renewed my perspective on life.
I believe, we are all shaped by our personal experiences, and in the end it
all comes down to wanting to be loved. I was confused to learn what love is, and to learn it in a place of violence and hate, I can only attribute to what was needed for my own internal joy. In my life as-well as-others I have thought long and hard and I’ve decided to continue my education while incarcerated. I truly believe I am, in some small way lighting the path for others to follow. I have Come to realize; I am no different than anyone else. Inside or outside “the walls” I learned how to love my neighbor, and this understanding has generated true happiness within myself. I believe that with continued education and research in myself and desire to be the best I can be for-myself and others, I can place myself in a position to reach my ultimate goal of internal joy by helping and loving everyone.

I am an entrepreneur with multiple business endeavors. I have always been exceptionally personable, enjoying helping people and getting to know them. In my twenties, that love for interaction landed me in the places that many people in that age group find themselves in: local bars and clubs. Those environments helped me exercise my social energy, while also creating a network for opportunities in the future. Today, I find myself much more career and family oriented, missing the camaraderie that builds up in clubs and other social environments. That’s led me to wanting to further my endeavors, an opportunity I hope to use to highlight how much social interactions can teach you about growing successful through calamity.

One of the biggest lessons I have learned through my social interactions with people of all walks of life, is how important it is to set goals and have plans for the future of your life, Applying to Pepperdine University and obtaining a degree in the field of becoming a therapist is plan for success. This plan revolves around making sure I obtain all of the tools necessary to help people first and foremost before focusing on money or how much I benefit myself. I have learned the more you help people, the more you will experience the true joy of finding purpose. Having a plan helps me stay on track with my goals while interacting with like-minded individuals. Those individuals can give you a clearer picture of where that plan may fall short and what you can do to have more detailed ideas for the future.

Unforeseen circumstances got in the way of my personal growth, even when you have a plan for success in place. Like my alcohol addiction, this ultimately is what lead to my sentence of Five years in Prison. For others it was when the COVID-19 pandemic began. The virus pushed back progress significantly, essentially causing everyone to start over with their plans from scratch. I credit having a family that I connected with personally, and therapy as the way I got things back on track, I am confident I’ll be OK largely due to the connection I have with the people I am working with in Sobriety, and continuing ways to effectively communicate through therapy and establishing healthy relationships.

I have also used social interactions to find people who have been through things that I have experienced. I feel I have a unique experience and my desire to overcome these circumstances and share those experiences can help to fuel future success, both in business and life as a whole. To me Success is an ongoing process that you obtain through experiences that make you stronger. Furthermore, It’s using your past to courageously continue on a path that you would only have obtained through your personal life’s lessons. My past includes, overcoming addiction, something I hope to share with people in future, showing them how facing your past can help you truly find joy and success through making amends.

When I became passionate about becoming a therapist, I was very self-focused, aiming to gain the things a lot of people look for with money: cars, big houses, and other expensive material things. Changing that mindset took meeting like-minded people who helped me see how much personal success is tied to helping others be successful. I used to think success was determined by the material things a man acquires, but when I lost my material things and began to develop a desire to love and help others, I realized my integrity grew with the respect I gained for myself by not only thinking of myself.

I believe increased social interaction breeds positivity. I aim to use my own personal experiences to always lead my efforts with a loving nature that breeds hard work and success. I want to be a man who shows he has taken all of his life lessons and learned from them, Many people have struggles in life, but for me, letting others know how to overcome them has kept me humble. Showing everyone love and compassion is my only way to express how thankful I am for the challenges in life and using them all for good.

Concurrent with these endeavors I’d like to make a difference by obtaining my Master’s Degree at Pepperdine University. I thank you for taking the time to look in to making my dreams come true.

And even with that… I still cant make it Happen.




John Bonavia Attended the University of Maryland, He has a passion for helping people to BREAKTHROUGH and take their lives to another level.

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John Bonavia

John Bonavia

John Bonavia Attended the University of Maryland, He has a passion for helping people to BREAKTHROUGH and take their lives to another level.

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